Aaron Hartfield’s Tutorial for Identifying Football Formation


Football is not an easy game to understand. Different formations, different players and different positions make this game a complex one. It takes a while to get used to all the important facts of football. To understand this game, you need to understand the formations properly. You need to understand that the game has gone through a lot of changes over the few years. Changes will continue to take place in this game and any other games. However, if you know the basic rule of football, you will be able to understand the changes when they take place.

Aaron Hartfield is a pro footballer. In his short career he has accomplished a lot. He has taken it upon himself to tutor people about football. This is a game which can get your heart pumping and pulse racing. If you understand football, you will not watch any other game.

The I Formation

This is a modern formation, though some regard it as traditional formation. It has gotten its name from the I shape, an alignment which the quarterback, fullback and halfback line up to create. The formation use 2 backs. It also use 2 wide receivers along with 1 tight end. This formation is useful to both passing and running plays. In this formation the back who does not have the ball, which is usually the fullback, blocks on behalf of the back who has the ball. NFL does not use this formation often nowadays. However, when it comes to short yard running or play action passes, this is the right formation which is still gets used.

4-3 Defensive Formation

Aaron Hartfield claims this formation to be the most common one. The formation takes 4 defensive linemen, 3 LB’s and 4 other players in secondary position. It is a balanced defensive position. It is also a flexible position where the LB shifts from one side to another. However, this change takes place depending on the type of play from the attacking team.

Pro Set Formation

This is another modern formation. It is a lot like the I formation. Here also the defense is balanced. The formation features 2 backs, 2 wide receivers and one tight end. However, here is a slight difference which you might be able to notice. The backs are placed on the either sides of the QB in this formation.

3-4 Defense Formation

This is another basic defensive formation, like 4-3 defense. In this formation basically one DL is taken away and in the place is added another LB which leaves 4 more in the secondary position. 4-3 is a preferred version in the modern games, however, the teams choose 3-4 formation because it offers more flexibility. There is one point to remember though, if the team has fast LB’s then only this formation will work properly.

Shotgun Formation

This is a common formation where only 1 back, 3 wide receivers and 1 tight end are used. However, when it comes to backfield, the players can be placed in any type of variation.